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Tuesday, May 19:

American Movie Classics:

FilmFrog recommends movies on AMC these days with some reservation, given their practice of frequently interrupting the films with commercials & self-promotion.

5pm: THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION shown letterboxed?

Fox Movie Channel:

9:20am: KAGEMUSHA shown letterboxed

midnight (20th): WILD RIVER shown letterboxed

Turner Classic Movies:

4:30am: GREY GARDENS (1975) closed captioned

6:15am: WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? shown letterboxed & closed captioned

8:45am: MAD LOVE (1935) closed captioned

10am: THE RED SHOES closed captioned

12:30pm: HAMLET (1948) closed captioned

3:15pm: BLACK NARCISSUS closed captioned

5pm: SISTER KENNY closed captioned

10:45pm: THE NUN'S STORY shown letterboxed & closed captioned

Today's Movieland Birthdays:

Michael Balcon: 19 May 1896 // Bruce Bennett: 19 May 1906 // Nora Ephron: 19 May 1941 // James Fox: 19 May 1939 // Nancy Kwan: 19 May 1939 // Peter Mayhew: 19 May 1944 // Barbara Whiting: 19 May 1931


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