(All times Pacific Time)

Saturday, August 3:

Fox Movie Channel:

4:50am, 1:25am (4th): WILL SUCCESS SPOIL ROCK HUNTER? shown letterboxed

Turner Classic Movies:

Oscar-winning actor MARLON BRANDO is featured for the entire day on TCM:

2:45pm: A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE (1951) closed captioned

5pm: ON THE WATERFRONT shown letterboxed & closed captioned

7pm: THE WILD ONE closed captioned

8:30pm: GUYS AND DOLLS shown letterboxed & closed captioned

Today's Movieland Birthdays:

Dolores del Rio: 3 August 1904 // Jean Hagen: 3 August 1923 // John Landis: 3 August 1950 // Marilyn Maxwell: 3 August 1921 // Martin Sheen: 3 August 1940

Sunday, August 4:

Turner Classic Movies:

Triple-threat dynamo SHIRLEY TEMPLE receives the 24-hour treatment today on TCM:

12:45pm: FORT APACHE closed captioned

3pm: THE BACHELOR AND THE BOBBY-SOXER closed captioned

1:15am (5th): THE LITTLE PRINCESS (1939) closed captioned

Today's Movieland Birthdays:

Louis Armstrong: 4 August 1901 // Billy Bob Thornton: 4 August 1955


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