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Wednesday, August 7:

American Movie Classics:

FilmFrog recommends movies on AMC these days with some reservation, given their practice of frequently interrupting the films with commercials and self-promotion.

6:30am: GANGS OF NEW YORK closed captioned/shown letterboxed?

10am: FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH closed captioned/shown letterboxed?

Fox Movie Channel:

12:05am (8th): THE INNOCENTS shown letterboxed

Turner Classic Movies:

Oscar-winner JAMES STEWART is featured for 24 hours today on TCM:

5am: NO TIME FOR COMEDY closed captioned

9am: THE NAKED SPUR closed captioned

11am: THE MAN FROM LARAMIE shown letterboxed & closed captioned

1pm: THE MORTAL STORM closed captioned

3pm: THE SHOP AROUND THE CORNER closed captioned

5pm: HARVEY closed captioned

7pm: ANATOMY OF A MURDER shown letterboxed & closed captioned

12:30am (8th): MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON closed captioned

Today's Movieland Birthdays:

Billie Burke: 7 August 1884 // Ann Harding: 7 August 1902 // Nicholas Ray: 7 August 1911 // Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer: 7 August 1927


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