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Wednesday, September 11:

American Movie Classics:

FilmFrog recommends movies on AMC these days with some reservation, given their practice of frequently interrupting the films with commercials and self-promotion.

7:30am: ALIENS closed captioned/shown letterboxed?

4pm: JAWS closed captioned/shown letterboxed?

Turner Classic Movies:

6:30am: THE STORY OF G.I. JOE closed captioned

8:30am: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF COLONEL BLIMP closed captioned

11:15am: THE WESTERNER closed captioned

1pm: THE GREAT DICTATOR closed captioned

3:15pm: PATHS OF GLORY closed captioned

5pm: 12 ANGRY MEN shown letterboxed & closed captioned

6:45pm: SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS shown letterboxed & closed captioned

8:30pm: THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER shown letterboxed & closed captioned

10:15pm: MARTY closed captioned

midnight (12th): AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS (1956) shown letterboxed & closed captioned

Today's Movieland Birthdays:

Brian De Palma: 11 September 1940 // O. Henry: 11 September 1862 // Earl Holliman: 11 September 1928 // D.H. Lawrence: 11 September 1885


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