JAILHOUSE ROCK (1957) B/W widescreen 96m dir: Richard Thorpe

w/Elvis Presley, Judy Tyler, Mickey Shaughnessy, Jennifer Holden, Dean Jones, Anne Neyland, Hugh Sanders, Vaughn Taylor, Mike Stoller, Grandon Rhodes

From The Movie Guide: "All shook up and enjoyably bad, JAILHOUSE ROCK captures early Elvis in all his leg-quivering, nostril-flaring, lip-snarling teen idol glory.

"This hot black-and-white number was Elvis Presley's third (after LOVE ME TENDER and LOVING YOU) and set the standard for the rest of his movie outings --- too bad the others omitted the dangerous element of his character presented here. Elvis comes across like a white-trash musical genius version of James Dean, playing Vince Everett, a surly good ole boy who accidentally kills a man while defending a lady's honor ... in a bar. This heroism gets him sent up for manslaughter, sharing his prison cell with Hunk Houghton (Mickey Shaughnessy), an ex-singer who convinces him to perform in the slammer's convict show. After Vince is freed, he meets Peggy Van Alden (Judy Tyler), with whom he forms a record company, and in no time he is a national star on his way to Hollywood. Peggy, however, sees that Vince is turning into an egomaniac, and she can't stand it.

"There's little surprise but JAILHOUSE really rocks, establishing pre-Army Elvis, the rockabilly elemental force, when he was really something. The steamy songs are mostly by [Jerry] Lieber and Stoller; the latter can be seen as the pianist in the famous 'Jailhouse Rock' sequence (which the young King choreographed). The title song sold two million records within two weeks, and the picture, in turn, grossed several million, with Presley receiving 50 percent of the profits. Other tunes include 'Treat Me Nice,' 'Baby, I Don't Care' and 'Young and Beautiful.'"