KITTY FOYLE (1940) B/W 105m dir: Sam Wood

w/Ginger Rogers, Dennis Morgan, James Craig, Eduardo Ciannelli, Ernest Cossart, Gladys Cooper, Odette Mary Treen, K.T. Stevens, Walter Kingsford

Working woman Rogers must choose between Philadelphia mainliner Morgan and noble doctor Craig.

From The Movie Guide: "In a dramatic role right after the Astaire years, Ginger Rogers proved yet again that she had more than enough star quality herself to carry major films. A minor classic and a very typical 'woman's picture' of its day, KITTY FOYLE details its feisty heroine's romances with two men. ,,,

"Highly sentimental, KITTY FOYLE features typically variable direction by Wood and includes an unnecessary prologue showing how the treatment of women supposedly changed through the years. Despite these drawbacks, this film makes no apologies for being a romantic tearjerker. The humor and warmth are real, and the film maintains admirable restraint even amid Kitty's most sorrowful travails. Best of all, Rogers offers a performance of considerable dexterity and poignancy. This proletariat Cinderella is a showcase part and she makes the most of it, whether wisecracking with her cronies or during a very cheap first date with Mark [Craig], telling off Wyn's [Morgan] snobbish family in fine style, or in her several moving encounters with children. Rogers's Oscar win has always been slightly controversial, given the stiff competition that year (Bette Davis [THE LETTER], Katharine Hepburn [THE PHILADELPHIA STORY], Joan Fontaine [REBECCA] and Martha Scott [OUR TOWN]). If, however, one considers her equally fine work in the same year's excellent but controversial PRIMROSE PATH and realizes that Academy Awards are often given for a good year's work, then maybe it's entirely fitting to say that Ginger Rogers was the Best Actress of 1940."

Besides Ginger's Best Actress Oscar, the film was also nominated for Best Picture, Director, Screenplay (Dalton Trumbo & Donald Ogden Stewart, based on the novel by Christopher Morley), and Sound (John Aalberg).